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Carl Krull's Scroll Drawings

Illustration // Wednesday, 25 Jun 2014


Many of Carl Krull's linework heavy drawings were done from the passenger seat during a road trip across the United States in 2013. They often contain notations on both the right and left side, noting on what highway, route or street and locations on which I am located at or passing through.



'The method used in creating the drawings derived from the need to create a system to overcome the problem of not having a flat surface, which was needed to do the work. Therefore the particular procedure of drawing on a tube was invented, scanning the curved or partial surface working through the paper like a printer, one line at a time. Every line with it's own characteristic, but still corresponding and relating to the previous line and so on. Eventually every bump on the road affects the drawing and it becomes a topographical map of the journey itself.' says Carl Krull



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