Vino video

Graffiti // Friday, 06 May 2011


Herokid just released this fantastic new video on graffiti artist Vino. Gracefully filmed and accompanied by a soundtrack unconventional for most graffiti videos.

Text from the video:


It wasin1992when I discoveredthegraffiti.Since thoseearlyyears manythingshavechanged: thecity,trains,depots...evenmanypeersof that eraare gone.However,ifthere issomethingthathas notchanged hasbeenmypassionforthis game.
Thegraffitiis asdifferentas iseverywriter,thisiscomposedof auniverseofsensationsthatinvolvethemereact of painting, feelingsthatare identifiedwiththe word sacrifice,up inthe middleof thevigil,go to bed whenthe sun risesor nosleep,being coldandhunger, runtovomit...overcomeadversity,awardedbythefleetinggiftof colorsonthe train.


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