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Smash 137's solo exhibition "Public Enemy" @ AbtArt Gallery

Graffiti // Thursday, 21 Mar 2013

Tonight, AbtArt Gallery in Stuttgart, Germany will host a solo exhibition from renowned graffiti writer, Smash 137. “Public Enemy” will feature all new drawings and paintings, including a show catalogue to accompany the show. 




Donnerstag, 21. März 2013, 19 UHR
Thursday, March 21, 2013, 7:00pm

21.03. – 03.05. 2013

“Smash137 is a legend of Street Art- for some he might be a criminal for others one of the best urban artist. Basel/Switzerland in 2007, Smash137 gets caught spraying illegally and is put on probation after being fined. He travels to Barcelona, New York, Berlin, Heidelberg and many more places always leaving a trademark in the “Hall of Fame”. Nowadays his atelier is situated close to Basel in Weil am Rhein but his passion for walls still take him to many places worldwide.
Smash137 aka Adrian Falkner sprayed his first piece when he was only 11 years young. Now at the age of 33 his writing influenced many people and caused a sensation among his admirers and fans. His work has a cool typographic conciseness, bright color-explosion and an inimitable feeling for three-dimensionality. In 2011, he had his breakthrough in the art world with his solo exhibition in Paris at Gallery Celal. Since then he shows his face and his real name, which was  ”An act of liberation” for him. His transition from the walls to canvas, which began in 2008 is expanding and growing continuously. He just showed at ArtKarlsruhe and the next stop will be in Stuttgart for his solo show “Public Enemy” at AbtArt Gallery before he takes off to LA for the show “Between the Lines” at Fabian Castanier Gallery end of March 2013.”


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