PEZ and his new joint blog, Battle At 3AM

Graffiti // Tuesday, 30 Nov 2010


We were lucky enough to get an interview with elusive SF-based sticker and graffiti artist, PEZ, in our new December issue of Juxtapoz. We have been trying to figure out the best way to give you some web extras, and PEZ' new blog that he started with his friend/collaborator, Joshua Blank, is one of the most entertaining art blogs going right now. It is called Battle At 3AM.

Of all the blogs, tumblrs, flickrs, etc, coming around these days, we like to see something with a bit of wit and humor to it that isn't overly self-cnoscious about it. This is tried and true with both PEZ and Joshua's personalities. The blog is like normal-bizarro.

There is a bunch of underground San Francisco culture, graffiti, stickers, zines, odds and ends of various daily activities, travels, and just good old fashioned bohemian values. We approve.

Check out BattleAt3AM, because this is the extra special bonus coverage we are getting from PEZ.


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