ONO’U international graffiti contest in Tahiti

Graffiti // Wednesday, 22 Jan 2014

When we think of the tropical vacation destination located smack in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean known as Tahiti, graffiti never comes to mind, until now. ONO’O is the first worldwide graffiti event to ever take place in Tahiti and they are offering $10,000 to the winner. That’s the most cash we’ve ever heard being offered for a contest involving graffiti. There are a number of well-known artists who have been invited to create murals but not actually compete in the battle such as Sofles, Aroe, Askew, Dabs & Myla, Inti, Kems and more. They are still looking for more applicants who want to participate in the chance to win cash prizes. Do it!

The event will be held from May 7th – 12th 2014. There are a few stipulations. You must between the ages of 18 and 38. Sorry old rippers and young bloods! There’s plenty more information at their website 

The deadline for registration is until February 14th which you can do here


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