Freedom Tunnel Revisited by Chris Pape

Graffiti // Tuesday, 27 Sep 2011

In hearing rumors that his famed “Buy American” mural had been recently buffed, Chris Pape aka “freedom” decided to go see for himself what had become of his work down below.  First venturing into the tunnel in 1977 when he was only 14, he painted the Amtrack tunnels underneath Park and Manhattan’s West Side in the 70’s, 80’s, all the way up until 1996. 

The tunnel contains several beautiful large painting from Pape even to this day and was later named by frequenters of the spot the “Freedom Tunnel”.  As he stated about his work in the tunnel, “I never thought these paintings would last, and they weren’t supposed to,” he said. “I thought I didn’t care, I wasn’t supposed to care, but I wound up caring.” Mustafah Abdulaziz from the New York Times shot these great photos of Pape’s journey back into the tunnel.

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