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Evan Roth: Graffiti Markup Language

Graffiti // Saturday, 04 Dec 2010

GML = Graffiti Markup Language from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

We spoke with Evan Roth a few months back in our October issue, talking about how one of the most prolific multimedia artists today had a branding problem. We are doing our part to change that. Roth just posted a new Graffiti Markup Language video, and has some instructions for us all to help him.

Vote for Graffiti Analysis & GML in the Transmediale & Mozilla Open Web Award!!!

Here's how:

1. Create a Mozilla Drumbeat account:

2. Check your mail to get your password and validate your account.

3. Go to the GML Project page on Drumbeat and click "vote" in the upper right corner:

4. Leave a comment related to "what you - in particular - like? How do you think the project supports the open web? Would you want to somehow contribute or get involved? Your vote and input directly influences the final decision."