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Graffiti // Monday, 11 Jul 2011

You know that feeling you get when you have been fooled or gotten over on?  At first I thought Bne was pulling a fast one, I mean the pictures are bizarre, yet it is an honest and true project.  The man responsible for putting his stickers all over the globe has decided to give back to those in less fortunate positions and without water. Bne Water is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to bringing, clean, safe water and sanitation to people living in extreme poverty.


Graffiti’s original purpose was to give a voice to the voiceless. There are billions of people living in poverty with no voice at all. I want to let all my fellow graffiti writers and artists know that if we simply lend our voices to these people, we CAN change the world.


Not all of us are artists or art collectors and I want everyone to be able to be a part of this movement. So, in addition to traditional donation based fundraising methods, I decided to create a line of BNE products to energize people and spread the word even further. 100% of profits from these products will be used to cover our expenses and fund clean water projects. You can get involved and support by simply buying something that you would normally buy anyway. This gives people an effective but not invasive way to rally around this important cause. BNE products will raise money, create awareness, and further challenge consumers to think about what or who is actually behind a brand. Everyday, consumers are waking up, they are starting to think about who they are actually giving their money to. People are growing more aware and are beginning to demand more from companies. In the future all brands will have to start actually caring, instead of just creating the illusion that they do.


BNE is no longer about me as an artist. It has become a voice for the victims of social injustice who have no voice. BNE is a movement with supporters from all walks of life all over the world, and we are growing everyday.


Join us and be apart of something REAL.


If we don’t this then who will?


Peace & Love









Bne Water



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