Abc #2 Zine

Graffiti // Sunday, 24 Jul 2011
Grazing through a stack of zines I came across the ABC #2 zine.  Did your eyes ever catch a glimpse of this?  26 artists were each given the first letter of their graffiti name to draw.  Artists included were Abno, Bonus, Cecster, Dr.Sex, Erupto327, Fword, Grey, Honke, Isore, Jenks, Kofie, Lions, Mutes, Navy8, Optimist, Pysa, Qs, Ruets, Sibl, Twigs, Usuck, Vizie, Waldo, Xvae, Yetie, and Zeam.

Let's not forget Rime’s excellent cover of the A, B, and C fighting.  Somehow they're still some available and you can purchase one at TheFlopBox.