3 teen girls may be the only people ever prosecuted for graffiti in Detroit

Graffiti // Friday, 18 Jul 2014

Dan Gilbert, the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the person most responsible for the revitalization of Detroit’s downtown area (60 properties (buildings and/or store fronts) totaling 9 million square feet), apparently has no tolerance for graffiti. Last month, three Grosse Pointe Woods girls allegedly tagged the side of a building owned by Gilbert in civilian style writing with tags like “Mack Daddy,” “Welcome to Detroit,” and pink XOs. Intent on catching the alleged culprits, Gilbert sent out an email asking for help in finding the teens, which he referred to as “degenerates” and “clowns.” With the help of Gilbert’s own Rock Ventures company security equipment that has a number of cameras downtown, the girls were allegedly identified. All three were charged with malicious destruction of property of a building involving $1,000 to $20,000, which is a felony. What would it take, 15 maybe 20 minutes to paint over it? It’s baffling that this case has made national news with graffiti being so ubiquitous in Detroit, the same city with one of the highest crime rates in America and little to no resources for investigating violent crimes. When a billionaire gets upset attention is required. How about focusing and figuring out who burned down all The Heidelberg Project houses?  

via Detroit Free Press



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