• "The Collector" by Tom Gallant: 6_the-collector-iii-acanthus-diptych-2006-paper-cuts-glass-wood-steel-300-copy.jpg
  • "The Collector" by Tom Gallant: 6_the-collector-iii-acanthus-diptychdetail2.jpg
  • "The Collector" by Tom Gallant: 6_the-collector-iii-bachelors-button-2006-paper-cuts-glass-wood--steel-130-x-100-cm.jpg
  • "The Collector" by Tom Gallant: 6_the-collector-iii-golden-lily-2006-paper-cuts-glass-wood-steel-300.jpg
  • "The Collector" by Tom Gallant: 6_the-collector-iii-honeysuckle-2006-paper-cuts-glass-wood-steel300.jpg
  • "The Collector" by Tom Gallant: 6_the-collector-iii-honeysuckledetail.jpg
  • "The Collector" by Tom Gallant: 6_the-collector-iiiiris-2006-papercuts-glass-wood--steel-100-x-130-cm.jpg

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"The Collector" by Tom Gallant

Erotica // Wednesday, 05 Jun 2013

Tom Gallant creates these ambiguously sensual sculpture-images out of flowers and paper. The forms evoke female bodies and bodies in sexual acts, captured in the gentle florals of actual plants. These are beautiful and strange, juxtaposing different living forms to create a static one pressed in glass. The delicacy and ephemerality of these artworks makes theme singularly lovely, reflecting the nature of all living things and their inherent sexuality.


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