Sincerely Yours, Alison Brady

Erotica // Thursday, 22 Dec 2011

Alison Brady photographs with an eye towards capturing our unconscious  emotions, desires and sexual compulsions. Subjects are harvested then placed in meticulously curated settings and costumes that ping pong between the real and the fantastic. Morbid fascination of contrasts as polar as the sacred and profane populate her work and grip you. An underlying tension of madness and alienation seeps out from the edges of the compositions. Brady hones in on expressions of neurosis, anxiety, displacement and loss of identity that permeate the contemporary human condition. Translating these unseen, but very deep feelings, into visual metaphors of grotesque exaggeration then staging them against banal middle-class suburban backdrops compounds the dynamism of her art. Each image is an immediate impression akin to the flash in a mind’s eye that has dissapeared but exists in the sticky corners of where our contradictory compulsions live, which in Brady’s world are usually covered in tacky wallpaper and generic homeliness.



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