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Ray Caesar

Erotica // Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011
Ray Caesar has always been different, as he implies in his biography, but his artwork has always remained a passion in his life. Growing up in the 60s, his artwork was shunned by his family and peers for being too unconventional. He started showing true passion one night: "My change occurred one night when my Mother visited me, which was slightly unusual because she had passed away some months before, a victim to the cigarette habit she could never quite lick. Facing a wall and slowly turning I saw the right side of her face ablaze in light, her hand trying to cover the light as if she were apologetic for having it seep through. Words were said about following rabbits down holes and I was shown galleries of work which were to be my own. My Mother was not the first visitation I have had and it seems she will not be the last."


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