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  • Olga Desmond in "Sword Dance": tumblr_lwkx4htavm1qaxnilo1_500.jpg
  • Olga Desmond in "Sword Dance": tumblr_mm2mjiU1Rj1qz7247o1_400.jpg

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Olga Desmond in "Sword Dance"

Erotica // Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Olga Desmond performs the "Sword Dance" in these 1908 photos taken by Otto Skowranek. Like some great Medieval spirit rising from a lake, Desmond considers the viewer with otherworldly intensity, clad only in an ornate belt, a metal armband and a crown. Desmond embodies this antiquated sensuality, her curves complete and continuous as she poses with the upstanding swords. These photos are beautiful relics of a long-gone time, speaking to an era of fairytales, knights and kings. These photos are now displayed at the Staatliche Museum in Berlin.



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