Masturbation Month

Erotica // Friday, 20 May 2011


For the entire month of May, The Sex Positive Photo Project is posting a photograph every single day, depicting a person masturbating and accompanying their photo with a statement (sometimes filthy, sometimes gloriously moving) where they complete the statement “I masturbate…”

They’re doing this for “Masturbation Month.” It’s not officially a National Awareness Month – yet – but May is considered “Masturbation Month” by a pretty significant number of people. I usually don’t feature it for a couple of reasons.


Shilo McCabe is photographing the diverse, amazing and inspiring people who are a part of the sex positive community of the San Francisco Bay Area, where she makes her home. This project is an ongoing exploration of the sex positive movement and culture that can be found here as well as an exploration into the meaning of “sex positive”.



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