Luigi & Luca

Erotica // Thursday, 05 May 2011

Italian couple Luigi and Luca and the intensity of their photographic works touch our senses, hold us captive, and suck us into the intimacy, vulnerability and poetry of their imaginary. LyL’s bodies, and all that traverses them are strung in tension between two aesthetic poles: fashion photography––with its objectification and sterilisation of the models––and magic realism––over-coding the images with symbols.
Their photographs do not tell known stories; they ask to be deciphered and invite us to imagine what it means to mature as a new generation of gay couples always sliding back and forth from apparently-gained freedom to the sexual repression of a dogmatic culture. This process takes place first of all on the body and through the body. Their art is elegant, poetic, sensitive, obsessive and exhibitionistic. It's a perfect blend of porn and fashion, high culture and marginal kink.