Erotica // Thursday, 28 Apr 2011



Depicting and evoking erotic arousal, and defining our perceptions of erotic art, Juxtapoz introduces artist and illustrator Hannah Stouffer as the new Erotic Art writer and editor. Specializing on all things erotic, welcome to the depths of your darkest art dreams and fantasies. Welcome me, I'm here.






As an icon for creating lusciously lustful and voyeuristic works, New York based photographer and painter, Marilyn Minter, has been creating and displaying erotic works internationally since the mid 1970's.  With a current display of her “Paintings from the 80s” at Team Gallery in New York, Minter's solo exhibition will be on view until April 30, 2011.  This exhibition will present paintings from two bodies of work: the 1986-87 series Big Girls/Little Girls, built from imagery with an almost journalistic remove, alongside works from her 1989 Porn Grids, which capture women and men engaged in what the porn industry refers to as “money shots.” All of these paintings fed off the discourses most dear to the New York art world of the eighties: appropriation, feminism, commodification, and the body.




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