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Erotica // Thursday, 08 Dec 2011




'I was born in Raleigh, NC and raised Southern Baptist. Neither "took." Today, I live in "the city of churches," Brooklyn, but don't attend one.
I shoot photographs instead.
I shoot portraiture, fashion, myself and naked girls. Most of the time, naked girls.

I went to school and studied film, both still and motion picture. I worked on the camera crew on a Guns 'n' Roses video once. Seriously.
I was recently published, same as some of the other folks here, in Taschen's "The New Erotic Photography," which is a goofy title.

My first monograph, "Some of This is True," is being published by Luxxus Press this year. I think it's a great title and I didn't think of that one either.
Regarding my work, people ask me about what's "erotic" and why "erotica" and naked girls and stuff.
I think of my work as a single frame from a non-existent film with an embedded soundtrack.

And I like naked girls...' James Graham


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