At the Trance Farm with Eric Beltz

Erotica // Monday, 02 May 2011


Witchcraft, religion, the holy cow of humanist art, and renderings of mythological narrative are deeply rooted within Eric Beltz’s series “Trance Farm”. The title is borrowed from a forced pun found in an article about urban farming in a contemporary spiritualist magazine as Beltz both laughs with and laughs at American society.He focuses his sharpened pencil on those cultural impulses to name, order, and moralize nature within an irrefutably human landscape. He also uses equal doses of nostalgia and cynicism in his compositions, stirring the contrary notions of a generation that has inherited an ethos from their parents to return to the old ways of their grandparents. Backyard gardens, home pickling, an interest in or small-scale production of artisinal food represent other expressions of these same themes. Eric Beltz received his MFA from UC Santa Barbara in 2004 where he currently teaches the lost art of drawing, he will be showing at the Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York though April 14th 2011.