Wrapping our head around it: Scott Campbell burns entire exhibition in Mexico

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 09 Nov 2010


Publicity stunt or not, there is a bit of a buzz going on about tattoo and fine artist, Scott Campbell, burning his entire exhibition that was happening at Vice Gallery in Roma, Mexico. Regardless, it worked. Lots of people are talking about it.

Initially, we saw on Purple Magazine's site last night after hearing some rumbles from some colleagues, the picture above of Campbell, indeed, burning his show.

But then we learned that the show had sold out on opening night. That is a good thing, but sometimes a good thing can be destroyed. Campbell had issues with the way the gallery handled everything, ie, the show, and after expressing concerns to the gallery owner, apparently his concerns were not dealt with. So Campbell took the whole show outside and burned it. The whole thing. The sold out show. Gone.

We saw one of Campbell's shows this last Spring in NYC at an OHWOW pop-up space, and really enjoyed the work. And we are sure that the work in this show was probably very good as well, as Campbell has been excelling over the last 5 years. Our point: good work got burned.

So the buzz goes. Our opinion, obviously, don't mess with Scott Campbell. He will burn his show.



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