Workshop & Live Sketching by Camille Rose Garcia @ Walt Disney Family Museum, SF

Juxtapoz // Friday, 06 Sep 2013

In conjunction with her special exhibition at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, Camille Rose Garcia will be leading the second of three workshops on Saturday, September 14th. This particular workshop will focus on her unique style and use of bold color and is designed for participants who are developing or professional artists. Following her workshop, Camille will be live sketching outdoors using live animals as references, exploring the process by which Disney artists captured the lifelike shapes and movements of live animals for such classic animated films as Bambi!

There is limited space in Camille's workshop, please contact for more info and be sure to sign up here!

More information on the live sketching can be found here!

Camille was a special cover for the May 2013 issue of the magazine which you can still purchase here!


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