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Work by Derrick Adams

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 11 Oct 2012

Derrick Adams has multiple things going on. One is making these fantastic mixed media portraits that use flattened patterns to create a figurative image, combining geometry and a variety of tones to form  the illusion of profiled head.

In addition to his own art production, Adams also works as the founding Director and Curator of Rush Arts Gallery and Resource Center, which since its inception in 1996 has exhibited over 300 newly emerging or non-represented artists as a means to explore new and alternative conversations in contemporary art and culture. Among these artists is Juxtapoz January 2010 cover artist and Kehinde Wiley (Rush was a first New York group show for Wiley).

We're fans of both of these types of output, whether it be unusual means of representation by appropriation of unconventional materials or creating new dialogues and opportunities within contemporary art, so we encourage you to go see Rush Art Gallery's group show Word at their Corridor gallery space in Brooklyn and their Post Code Criminals show featuring artist Dread Scott, filmmaker Joan Kushner, and various youth from Liverpool, UK and Brownsville, Brooklyn (as well as check out these sweet portraits right here).


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