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Who Killed The Music Grammy Art Show Opens Tomorrow

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 23 Jan 2010

On the heels of last year’s successful Worlds on Fire Grammy-themed art show Who Killed the Music, an exhibition of new work by 15 artists from around the country will be presented in Los Angeles. The exhibition will open January 24 and will close January 31, Grammy Night, and will be held at the L.A. Live Target Terrace, right above the Grammy Museum.

“This show will feature some of the most popular, cutting-edge artists in various media representing the theme the title suggests,” says Lewis. “This is completely open to interpretation from the artists but could mean anything from the death of the art of the full-length album and the rise of file sharing to musicians breaking sonic boundaries and essentially killing the genres that came before them. In featuring influential and exciting visual artists, we hope to present a new and powerful perspective on the state of music today.”

The exhibit will benefit two important foundations that support young people in the arts: the Grammy Foundation and the I.AM Scholarship Foundation.

Participating artists include Justin BUA, Gregory Euclide, Kris Lewis, Jason Thielke, Van Arno (pictured above), Paul Chatem, Richard Colman, Camille Rose Garcia, Mercedes Heinwein, Audrey Kawasaki, Jeremy Lipking, Lola, Travis Louie and Nathan Spoor. Most of these artists will be in attendance for the opening night of the exhibition. A link to the exhibit will be available this coming Monday at

The opening will take place on Sunday evening, January 24th with special DJ and host

Times and dates:? Open daily? Saturday, January 24th through January 31th at the LA Live Target Terrace?
800 W. Olympic?Los Angeles, CA 90015?

Please check the WKTM Website for further information:




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