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Who Is Becca?

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009


“From the littered streets of Hollywood to the whitewashed walls of its hotspot galleries and cultural institutions, the reclusive artist known to a nation of enchanted spectators simply as ‘Becca’ has brought her tale of urban alienation and sly humor to life in the form of her innocent little girls and elegant ladies.” –Juxtapoz cover story, Jan/Feb 1999 Issue #18

Since that article was written over a decade ago, Becca has gone on to develop herself quite well in the art world, collected by such lumniaries as Leonardo Dicaprio, and Norman Reedus, and enjoying notoriety among fine art cognoscenti such as The Getty Family (Balthazar and Aileen in particular).

Nowadays, the trendiness of street art has escaped her career, despite her intense efforts to capture the public eye.  In this video, we introduce becca herself as well as 2 New Fine Art Print Releases to accompany her newest solo show at White Walls gallery in San Francisco. This is the exclusive online release of Becca’s newest work.





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