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Who Doesn't...Want a Dog that Poops Money

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 03 Jun 2010

“Nominated for The Sammy O’Jenkins Superior Visions Scholarship and winner of the Land-O-Lakes Extreme Butter Film Festival, I Want A Dog That Poops Money will shake your values to their core and/or cause your eyeballs to gangbang your brain with extremely sexy visuals.


It’s also a fuckin’ cartoon.”



Artwork by Porous Walker

Animated by James Dirschberger & Anthony Petrovic

Music by Ezeetiger

Narrated by David Hopp


Oh yeah, and Porous' show, Haricots Magiques, opens at Fifty25SF Gallery in San Francisco tomorrow night. You will see beauty. Weird things will happen. Clearly, you must attend.



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