Where Are We Going? ' In Search of New Land' - Interview with C3

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 06 Oct 2010

Each person works in mysterious ways, and C3 is definitely an artist who thrives off the unknown, the peculiar, and the weird. He listens to combat folk music, has a cat named Death, and enjoys confined spaces.   –The Shooting Gallery


Shooting Gallery: What is the inspiration behind “In Search of New Land”, your new work showing at the Shooting Gallery from October 9th – November 6th?

C3: I watch a lot of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies. I use movies that I am inspired by as a stepping-stone, almost like an equation or formula to build around. I’m inspired a lot by Wizard of Oz. The idea of a girl and three weird guys, helping this girl on their way to accomplish their own goals.




When was the first time you watched Wizard of Oz?


Six or seven. I was living on a farm in Oklahoma with my parents, and they were still married. We had a cow farm. My dad owned property, and then my grandparents lived right next to us and they owned property. If you went all the way down the street my uncle lived there and he owned property. So everyone had a farm and a lot of land, but it was all on one road. It was like Curtis road because everyone who lived on the road was a Curtis.


Even when I was younger I had a lot of imagination I wanted to see more so I was kind of stuck in this. I was an only child living on a farm so I would always be talking to animals and hanging out with animals, not other people, or other kids. Unless I was at school, but then I’d come home and I’d hang out with older people; I would never talk to them as much. Seeing wizard of oz was like the same thing, her wanting to leave this farm and go somewhere else.





What other movies influence you? Your work has a horror, gruesome tone to it.


I try to stay away from the gruesome. It’s starting to slip in without me being conscience of it. I have a piece where I’m missing a part of my face, and that’s from seeing face transplant photos, and because it was real was why I decided to use it. The mask I used I got at a Halloween store and then I decided to start using it based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the whole leather face. The thing that was always brilliant about leather face, he wasn’t looking for people to kill. People were coming on to his property and messing with him, and he was like I’m going to fuck you up. Then you would see him freaking out in the window, and that was even scarier because he was afraid. He didn’t want people coming in there. That’s more unnerving to me. The whole idea of someone wearing a mask; you never know what’s going on behind it.





Does this have anything to do with how you view people? Do you ever feel people are coming after you? Does that tap into any personal conflicts?


Definitely, I’m very introverted. I enjoy talking to friends and meeting people, but there are a lot of times in my life when I just want to be left alone. So the whole idea of wearing a mask is that people can’t see you. It’s a weird kind of power thing. You can just ignore people, and they don’t know who you are because you’re wearing this mask. People do it all the time. When people beg you for money, or someone tries to talk to you, people ignore them and act oblivious with their headphones on and they don’t have to talk to anyone.


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In Search Of New Land: New Works by C3

The Shooting Gallery


Opening Reception Saturday, October 9th from 7-11pm







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