What's The Time?: Travis Millard's earliest Beastie Boys' memory

Juxtapoz // Monday, 03 Jun 2013

For the past month, we have been asking artists and friends to recount their favorite Beastie Boys' memories in conjunction with our special June 2013 issue. Today, Travis Millard shares a memory or two: "I bought this 45 at Ear'responsible Records & Tapes in my hometown of Olathe, Kansas around 1987. I also bought my Licensed to Ill tape from the same place, which disgusted Jeff who worked the register. Jeff was pretty much exclusively into Motley Crue at the time and always let you know it didn't make him happy that you chose anything else. I was only 12 and Jeff was probably 16 or 17, so i was impressionable, but even then I still knew he was blowing it."

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