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What's The Time?: Mike Mills, the outtakes of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, and Beastie posters

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 30 May 2013

Filmmaker, artist, and Beautiful Loser Mike Mills has the distinguished title of being the final album cover designer for the Beastie Boys and their 2011 LP, Hot Sauce Committtee Part Two. As Mills told us in the June 2013 issue, there were many ideas and outtakes from the Hot Sauce sessions, but the final became the abstract, Vexillology-inspired color pattern you see today. Having already done both tour posters and the Hello Nasty robot, this was another chapter in Mills' connection with the Boys. Here, in Mike's own words, how this final album cover came about. 

"The Beastie’s email exchanges around the time I was working on Hot Sauce Committee Part Two are hysterical; like the Marx Brothers. One thing you get to learn about making a record cover is how bands are not one thing. It’s more like four people in a negotiation, fraught with human conflict. But with them, Yauch was designated as the visual guy. But I got the sense they had worked out a long processing thing that was very civil and open.

"I don’t think I knew the name. I didn’t even have the music for this one. Yauch described it to me as this kind of this wrong, crazy mixture with really intense beats over hardcore. I went off this one sentence description. 

"It was such an easy, lucky cover. This weird gift that Yauch gave me, given with such generosity. I felt no possessiveness about it."—Mike MIlls

Photography by Joey Garfield


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