What's The Time?: Jeremy Fish's favorite Beastie Boys memory

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 15 May 2013

This month, we have asked a few of our artist friends to give us their favorite Beastie Boys' memories. Rarely does a band transcend so many groups and genres, and we knew artists of all ages had a memory they wanted to share. Today, we ask Jeremy Fish about how the Beastie's influenced a kid from upstate New York... 

"First, Licensed to Ill changed my life. Then Paul's Boutique changed my life. Then Check Your Head REALLY changed my life. In the late 80s, early 90s, growing up in upstate NY, the Beastie Boys were my anthem in jr high and high school. When the Licensed to Ill tour came through Troy, NY in 87, my mother saw a story on the news how they had girls in cages, and inflateable dicks, and refused to let me go.

"In 1994 they were playing on my street. My best friend, and bigges Beastie fan in common refused to go to the show. He thought they sold out by playing Lollapalooza or some bullshit. That afternoon he met Mike D and Mario C in the local record shop. They let him shoot photos on stage in exchange for a ride to the venue. We saw him on stage with the Beastie Boys that night in our neighborhood, and I had never been more jealous in my life. Ethan hung out with the Beastie Boys? Damn, what a rad summer that was.

The images here are one of the first tee shirt designs I ever made. I drew my crummy bootleg version of the Brooklyn Dust Music logo (originally done by Todd James) in 1991, and hand-printed 12 shirts for my brand new tough guy gang "The Silly Pink Bunnies". That band has been such a massive influence on me, I only wish words and photos could describe it. Sadly, a blurry photo of this old t-shirt is almost all I have to explain that time in my life. But every time I listen to those albums, its like a time machine back to teenage me." —Jeremy Fish

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