What's The Time?: Cooky Puss and the Beastie Boys on a '84 Public Access TV show

Juxtapoz // Friday, 10 May 2013


In conjunction with our June Beastie Boys issue, we continue to bring you special content all month! Today, we bring you their 1983 debut single "Cooky Puss." And a Valentines day video  of them on The Scott and Gary Show, a 1980s public access TV show in NY, promoting it. Woah.

"I did the first pass on the Beastie Boy's logo in 1983. I met Adam Horovitz and Dave Scilken outisde of Danceteria, and Adrock said, 'I am in a band called the Beastie Boys and we need a Logo.' I knew I wanted to do something that was edgy, and in my mind that was Graffiti. Traditional fonts were boring. And Graffiti was something that I was involved with. I think he gave me, like, $35 for it. It ended up on the "Cooky Puss" single...When I first heard the song, it clearly wasn't like anything else out there as far as Hip-Hop, and there wasn't much Hip-Hop out there then anyway. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously. It was funny." - Cey Adams

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