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We're Rollin, They're Hatin: Photo Blog

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 01 May 2007
Cody Hudson sent us his photos from We're Rollin', They're Hatin' in Chicago, a large-scale contemporary art show that examines the role of dungeons and dragons, escapism and fantasy in contemporary art and culture. The exhibition is an art show and interactive platform to explore how artists are influenced by fantasy and role-playing games which was put together by Logan Bay, Edmar, Cody Hudson, & Rachael Olson and was part of a larger two-week festival called Version 07.

More than 30 artists created work for the show including Maya Hayuk, Paper Rad, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, French, Seripop, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Justin B. Williams and others. The show includes several elements and project rooms that create an unforgettable, hopefully magical, experience for visitors and attendees.

More photos and details about the show on the project's blog,



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