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Welcome to October: Pushead Curated Issue

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 17 Sep 2009

Pushead. The name alone sounds legendary. Remember, this is our 15th birthday this year, so we took one of the icons of our era, handed him the keys to the magazine, and let the issue fly. And what you get is one of the most classic Juxtapoz issues we have ever published.

You got the hand of Pushead right there on the cover, can't get more classic than that. But there is another bit of information we have to give you here. Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The Golden Ticket? Well, we have specially released 500 "Green Issues," featuring a different Pushead piece on the cover, for you to go out and find on newsstands across the globe. (Shown above. We have a few HERE in our webstore too, but not many, so get them quick).

The Pushead curated issue features interviews with renowned artists: Wes Benscoter, Mike Sutfin, Kostas Seremetis, Kris Verwimp, Eric So, John Cebellero, Rockin’ Jelly Bean, Kristin Callahan, Mark A. Nelson, and reclusive fine artist, Takato Yamamoto. The issue also pays tribute to artists Martin Emond and Zdzislaw Beksinski.

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