Wassup Rockers

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 13 Jun 2006

Photos by Ert O'Hara

This exhibit was only up for a few days, June 9th - 11th, but we got the pics. Wassup Rockers group show featured art by: Shepard Fairey, NeckFace, Big Foot, Skullphone, The Date Farmers, Ed Templeton, Deanna Templeton, Cheryl Dunn, and Twist (plus others). Free silkscreened shirts from Goldmineshithouse. For more info on Wassup Rockers, check out the film's site, www.wassuprockers.net. Thanks to Marsea Goldberg and New Image Art for hosting the show.


NeckFace detail

Shepard Fairey

Big Foot

Deanna Templeton

Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton

The Date Farmers

The Date Farmers

The Date Farmers

New Image hallway

"Josh & Barry"



Goldmineshithouse at work

Wassup Rockers!

Installation in front window



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