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Walrus TV Artist Feature: Wes Humpston

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 09 Dec 2009

Wes Humpston has been involved in skateboard graphics since the 1970s. Still heavily inspired by Zap Comics, art nouveau, and album covers, his designs retain their original Cali-born aesthetic.

In addition to appearing on vintage Dogtown Skates decks, his artwork is now featured on the old school decks from his new company Bulldog Skates. Watch the interview from "The Run Up," available for the first time to the public for free, on Walrus TV.


About Wes Humpston:
Wes has been making, painting and designing boards for over 25 years. Wes's creative efforts have been seen on skateboards, clothing, shoes, snowboards, surf products, guitars, as well as hundreds of pieces of original art.
His work is becoming increasingly popular and more and more collectible. Bulldog Skates is the continuation of a life's work. There is a lot of pent up creativity that has yet to be unleashed. We think you will see that as this company continues to grow, the boards and the art will get better and better.




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