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Waiting for Spring in Barcelona

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 07 Mar 2010

Barcelona based Villas came across a tiny room while painting in an abandoned building. To welcome springtime, he challenged himself to create the smallest graffiti characters on the largest backdrop he’s ever tackled.


Villas writes:

“I was painting the other day in a abandoned building that I found here in Barcelona and the place is so beautiful, full of stuff from an old factory, offices and everything really dirty...

It’s a nice place and full of surprises!


“One nice surprise was finding a really tiny room, full of leaves from an old tree that grew up into the window. I have been trying to paint bigger and bigger the last few months and got pretty exited of going big, but when I saw this tiny little room I got really inspired to make one of my smallest graffiti pieces ever. The main character has about 6 centimeters and the whole room is no more than 2 meters.


“The weather in Barcelona is becoming more and more close to Spring and that is what I tried to express a fresh start with new leaves and good vibe.”





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