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Video: Paint Your Faith Vancouver: Peeta x Faith 47 x Indigo x Titi Freak

Juxtapoz // Friday, 21 May 2010

This time around, the four internationally acclaimed aerosol artists worked as a collective to express their unique and unified interpretation of faith will be Faith47 from South Africa, Titi Freak from Brazil, Peeta from Italy and Vancouver’s own Indigo.


For seven days, these artists took a blank wall and turned it into their own personal canvas, creating a piece of art that will changed the Vancouver landscape and open discourse for what faith, spirituality and art is really about.


The area that these artists are painting is known for high crime, drug use, mental illness, but also is home to a wide array of artists. “People are just people,” sums up Indigo “and they need color therapy.”   A very beautiful project and film:


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