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Video Interview with DFace

Juxtapoz // Monday, 10 Aug 2009

I just want to leave this mark or be creative within this environment I’ve grown up within…[the] aggressive city that is London. -D*Face


Street artist D*Face makes humorous and satirical commentary with his posters and sculptures, encouraging viewers to re-evaluate their urban environment. With his striking characters and subversively reworked pop icons, he calls attention to consumerism, media, and a public fascination with fame. Citing ‘80’s-era punk rock, skateboard graphics, and Thrasher Skateboard Magazine as major influences, D*Face’s signature aesthetic serves as a culmination of such interests. Based in London, his work has appeared on the streets and in galleries throughout the United Kingdom and the United States.


Watch the interview on Walrus TV below:




About D*Face?

D*Face grew up in London and had a childhood interest in graffiti when he was exposed to Henry Chalfant's coverage of New York subway graffiti in Spraycan Art and Subway Art. 
Later as a teenager skateboarding, he was inspired by Thrasher Skateboard Magazine’s
coverage of skateboard deck graphics, which led to his interest in stickers and the DIY mentality associated with skate and punk fanzines. He attended an illustration and design course and worked as a freelance illustrator/designer while honing his street work.
Influences included Shepard Fairey's "Obey Giant" art campaign, Jim Philips, hip hop, punk music, and popular animated cartoons.


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