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Upcoming Exhibits at Show & Tell Gallery

Juxtapoz // Monday, 25 Jan 2010

Nimit Malavia paints visual translations of the complex dance of attraction and courtship for his first solo exhibition "I can't love you, but we can romance".


The concept for this series is developed around the notions of relations and the reluctance of accepting a love that is real, and instead embracing a romance, that is forever a charming dance of attraction.


Many of the paintings portray ideas and emotions that aren't expressed easily through words, but can be felt in the heart of the viewer. An attempt to depict the human love story, and appreciate the beauty behind the essential moments of loss and hurt.
The paintings for this solo try to elaborate on these feelings, often times depicting the more tragic outcomes of love and loss, focusing on the classical romance of these moments.


"I can't love you, but we can romance" will be on display at the Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto from February 5th - February 28th 2010.
Also on display at the Show & Tell Gallery, starting Feb. 5th, are a series of works called "everything we wanted, in our nostalgic future,” by Tessar Lo. His new works reflect on the vastness and importance of wonder, a feeling that is often lost with the emergence into adulthood.


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