Tour Des Artistes

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006

Photos by Sophia Pottish, words by WORMZER3000

After getting jumped by a gang of 13 year old gangsters, I found myself camera-less. It was horrible. They got my camera, money, drugs, garbage pail kids (unopened), and a few other things. I didnt stand a chance against these crazed youngsters. They were out for blood, and my blood they got.

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I turned a few corners and ran into artist Sophia Pottish. She had a camera, so we strolled to Elm and Broadway to check out the live painters. The 40ft wall was assembled and ready for attack. Sophia was down to photograph the event which was truly mind blowing, even on 13 hits of crappy acid. I kept overhearing folks who were out for some kind of art walk amazed by the mural. Most found it to be the highlight of the event. Participating artists were Freddi C., Joshua Clay, James Naccarato, Blaine Fontana, Isaac Pierro, Jophen Stein, Jeff Oonchitti, John Gill, Sophia Pottish,Tim McCormick, Joe Shea, Enzia Farrell, Annamarie Sandoval, and Zoso.

I will let the pics speak for themselves and if anyone knows who jacked me, let me know, I've been taking steroids.

The start.

John Michael Gill doing some background

Blaine Fontana with the refreshments



That's Isaac Pierro in the wife beater gettin down

Tim McCormick and Josh Clay

Formulating the piece

Annamarie Sandoval and John Michael Gill

Joe Shea gettin fresh

John Michael Gill

Tim McCormick and Jophen Stein rockin it

Blaine Fontana and Josh Clay plotting dopeness

Crowd control

Josh Clay flipped it

Freddi C gettin down

Josh Clay plotting

Rockin it

Blaine Fontana is hosting the image of the finished mural on his website, It's HUGE. Enjoy.

For more information about the Tour Des Artistes, check out their website



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