Tonight Pictures on Walls launches Paul Insect's "Unclear Residents: Sketchbook Folio"

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 04 Nov 2010


Its already "tonight" in London, so Pictures on Walls is probably in the act of "launching" Paul Insect's new folio, "Unclear Residents: Sketchbook Folio", as we speak. Paul was the cover of one of our classic Juxtapoz' (May 2007, n76), and we have seen mulitple acclaimed shows in London and San Francisco since. His unique brand of (post) Pop Art, satirical street "installations," and line of prints are sought after productions.

What is Pictures on Walls presenting? A unique collection of Paul Insect zines and silk-screened prints, as seen below in selections from "Unclear Residents" folio.


(Photo by Paul Insect)

Each "Unclear Residents: Sketchbook Folio" contains...

Three color screen printed folio box with velcro fastening that contains 3 x Three color A3 size silk screen prints, and 1 x Six color A3 size silk screen print. Prints are collated with random colorways with matching edition numbers, interleaved with screen-printed glassine sheets. Plus there is a selection of Paul Insect stickers.

Then it includes a signed copy of "Beat the Devils," a 48 page, 3 colour zine. And it contains a signed copy of "I'm Revolting,"  a  64 page, full colour zine.

Both zines are limited edition and published by Pictures on Walls. These will go up POW's website tomorrowm and the zines will also be available separately if you don't want the full folio.



"Unclear Residents Folio" cover



"I'm Revolting" by Paul Insect


"Beat the Devils" spread



"Beat the Devils" zine

Watch the Pictures on Walls site tomorrow for their online launch.


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