Thrasher x Vans WCW 30th Anniversary Art Show and Bay Ramp Experience

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This past weekend, our sister publication, Thrasher Magazine, celebrated their 30th Anniversary photo show, Love + Guts, as well as a full day ramp experience on San Francisco Bay, on a barge, before a San Francisco Giants game. We got to hang out, too.

The weekend started off with a lot of tacos, Pabst, and sitting in the sun on our street, Underwood Avenue. Come down in the evening, we will show you a good time.

All photography by Brock Fetch.

Omar Salazar:

Omar Hassan:

Brian Anderson makes an experience:

Thrasher offices, next to our offices:

Joe Brook at the Thrasher 30th Anniversary Photo Show:

The man, the myth, the mouth, Jake Phelps:

Legends, Steve Caballero and CR Stecyk III:

Stecyk work... the detail on that letterpress prints is amazing.

Jonah Levin and Omar Salazar:

Is that the fire marshall?

Our publisher Gwynned Vitello and Christian Hosoi:

Oh, and this is what happens when the crowd gets too big:

And then, just like Resevoir Dogs, the Thrasher x Vans barge experience outside AT&T Park where the SF Giants play is the next point of destination:

And they skated on this...

Tony Trujillo

Omar Hassan:

Andrew Langi:

Pat Ngho, Mike Carroll, Sally Vitello, and Dylan Radloff of Oakley.

Is that P-Stone with a beer? That mullet, is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen.

This can't be good...

Taking one for the team...

The Giants won. By the way.


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