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The Wrinkles of the City: JR Solo Show in Shanghai

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 21 Oct 2010

The Wrinkles of the City / Les sillons de la ville / Los Surcos de a Ciudad /????, is a world-scale project by photographer JR. The project starts with portraits of elderly people who represent the memory of a city past.




JR interviews each person and records the changes witnessed in the city. Then these portraits, printed in monumental sizes, are pasted in the very same city in various places that inspire JR and represent the city’s heritage.


Memory can stumble and fall - disappear any minute as the elderly leave us - JR shows us that it is important not to forget what the elderly have to pass on to younger generations. Without any judgment, JR just gives us bits of history in an artistic, yet poetic, social and above all, human way.




JR’s The Wrinkles of the City / ????


The exhibit opens this Sunday, October 24th and will be on view through Saturday, December 11th, 2010 everyday from 11AM to11PM


18Gallery, 18 Zhongshan East Road (E1), 4F, Shanghai



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