The World We Live In: Greg Escalante and Nathan Spoor Look at Todd Schorr

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 19 Apr 2009

Todd Schorr’s The World We Live In features four massive new paintings by Schorr in his latest solo exhibition in five years. Why five years? Take a good look at these works in person, or in photos, and you might get a peek into what takes a master craftsman such as Schorr a few extra days to shape up such a task. Greg Escalante and Nathan Spoor take us on a brief photo tour of the latest exhibition of Todd Schorr’s masterworks below:

Schorr’s handily penciled drawing for An Ape Allegory

Close-up view of the ape’s face

Santa alien character in his rocket sleigh, close up from An Ape Allegory

The Anguish of Carl Akeley

The World We Live In

Close up view of the evolving tadpole character in The World We Live In

Yeah, life is kind of like that when you have the larger reality thrust upon you.

When Fairy Tales Collide – one of the four massive canvases on display

Close up view of When Fairy Tales Collide

Another close up view of When Fairy Tales Collide. We could go on and on showing off details of this amazing work…

… until this happens. This is what it looks like when the people hired for security don’t know when you’re with the press. When press privileges are explained, the wavy hand thing goes away.

Skot Olsen, who flew in from Florida just to see this show, giving the thumbs up next to When Fairy Tales Collide.


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