The World Ant Farm by Yanagi Yukinori

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 06 Apr 2011
This news is ongoing, as Japanese artist Yanagi Yukinori has been adding and creating his World Ant Farm since the early 1990s. Yukinori created a series of inter-connected boxes with tubes, with each box housing an image of a nation's national flag, and then released ants for them to burrow, transport, practice free trade, wander, and live amongst the "world."

The ants then transport food and sand freely throughout the entire wall exhibit. The metaphor of world harmony is so thick and perfect, we don't even want to bring it up. And seeing that the flags are all made of colored dirt, the ants transport the flag's "material" from each tube to each new box. A new form of harmony and reinterpretation of the notion of borders and national identity. This is quite brilliant, actually.

Yukinori says of the project, “If the travels of the ant show us anything, it is that he wanders to resume the task he has been programmed to perform, not to aquire freedom.”




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