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The New Mythology Exhibit/Book

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The artists involved in The New Mythology (Lola, Travis Louie, Dan May, Michael Page, Naoto Hattori, Colin Johnson, Kevin Peterson, Chris Ryniak, Ken Keirns, Joe Vaux, and Nathan Spoor) have individually chosen a path toward excellence culminating in a moving and powerful figurative result. With their emotional and representative gifts for painting, they have created passports to dimensions of unparalleled and otherwise unrestricted possibility. Each distinctive artist in this exhibition has taken painstaking efforts to carve out a striking niche in their pursuit of a more vibrant visual sense of narrative.

Behind every great sophisticated cultural breeding ground there lies a collection of tales. Within this collective of civilizations’ creative essays, each and every narrative is knit from the threads pulled from a time long before there were thoughts of ways for managing minutes instead of living within them. By accessing the furthest reaches of the present tense, as well as the most notable absent emotional causeways, these artists have begun to fabricate an allegorical evolution the likes of which give rise to a new mythos


Travis Louie

Naoto Hattori

Michael Page

Kevin Peterson

Colin Johnson

Dan May

Nathan Spoor


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