The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment is Looking for a Space

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011
Are video games art? Hell yes. Since the beginning of time, artists have challenged themselves to develop and work in new mediums and through new methods. Photography, film, neon, body art- all have challenged artistic norms and taken their rightful place as parts of the cultural and artistic lexicon.

The Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment (MADE) is an early non-profit startup dedicated to the vision of videogames as an artistic medium. Playable art- ie games- are still in their relative infancy, but unlike more established forms of art, little is currently done to preserve, appreciate and recognize important contributions to the community. From concept to final playable form, the goal of the MADE is to engage visitors in the creative process required to create and share new worlds.

It's a big vision, but we're starting out small. Within a year we'd like have a space in the SF bay area for exhibits, special events, art openings and classes. We've set up a kickstarter to raise funds for the first  6 months of operating expenses and are currently organizing a staff. Check us out at
Don Kellogg


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