The Make Something!! Workshop Webisodes from Nike Sportswear

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008

Paint a Deck with Ed Templeton from BlackLake on Vimeo.


The Make Something!! workshop is a series of youth-oriented creative workshops presented by Nike Sportswear inspired by the DIY subculture the film Beautiful Losers.

Artists such as Ed Templeton (shown above), Aaron Rose (shown below), Tobin Yelland, Money Mark, Jesse Spears, Mike Mills, and more went to schools in New York and Los Angeles to lead workshops on everything to making zines or skate graphics to poster art or video editing, all while staying true to the DIY spirit.

The Make Something!! web series inspired by the film Beautiful Losers and created in collaboration with Nike Sportswear has finally been released on the web. The 9 webisodes feature artists from the film, their contemporaries, as well as the filmmakers teaching high school kids in NY and LA the DIY aspects of art-making. See all the rest of the films we have in store for you below…


Making Music with Money Mark from BlackLake on Vimeo.


Make-A-Zine with Aaron Rose from BlackLake on Vimeo

Character Design with KAWS from BlackLake on Vimeo.


Documentary Boot Camp with Tobin Yelland from BlackLake on Vimeo.

Poster Art with Mike Mills from BlackLake on Vimeo.

Video Editing with Lenny Mesina from BlackLake on Vimeo.

Sneaker Design with Jesse Leyva from BlackLake on Vimeo.

Pom Poms and Cardboard with Jesse Spears from BlackLake on Vimeo.




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