The Like "Wishing He Were Dead" Video

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 24 Apr 2011


Generation after generation, youth have clung to the idealism and style of our recent history, kids born in the 90’s wearing band tees that they were clearly not alive to watch tour. It’s pretty clear this style has caught a hold of our society, surviving the fast paced movement of American culture. Frankly, if hipster vintage trending and high fashion is remaking and re-buying everything from the last 5 decades, we think it’s apparent this is a well-accepted and attractive style.

So if it worked then and It’s “fiended” now, why don't more artist employ these decade specific styles and sounds? You don’t need crystal clear quality videos when you’ve got four women with a catchy beat! The Like’s video “Wishing He Was Dead” takes you back to that past but with a feminist undertone. These ladies don’t just ditch their cheating man, but they beat him up, possibly kill him, and they look good while they do it. Check it out, and please enjoy! —Caitling Fitting





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