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The Great Contemporary Art Bubble film

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 06 Feb 2010

KQED Arts and Juxtapoz contributing writer Kristin Farr reviews The Great Contemporary Art Bubble in saying:

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble questions whether artists like Hirst, who sold a conceptual golden calf in formaldehyde for millions the same day the financial collapse was announced, deserve to be immortalized in art history textbooks, or if they'd be more appropriately referenced in a marketing primer.”


While the film delves into squirrelly practices by big auction houses and international galleries, Farr leaves us with a good note in reminding us why we love local galleries in the first place:


“What I liked best about the film was that it made me think about how much I appreciate small, artist-run gallery spaces sustained by dedicated individuals who are happy for the privilege of living on creativity, no matter how small their bubble might be.”



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