The FIFTY and FIFTY Project

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 03 Feb 2011

State mottos have been around, well since the state became apart of The Union. State Mottos are not a topic of conversation out side of seeing them on license plates on a road trip. My personal favorite motto being New Hampshire’s ‘Live Free or Die’ its just so definite and to the point. There is a new reason outside of pure boredom in a car to talk and think about state mottos, a new project dubbed 50 and 50. Dan Cassaro is the creator of 50 and 50, a designer living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

The idea is simply really, 50 and 50 invites a designer from every state to illustrate said state’s motto. This is a unique opportunity to take a subject matter that has fallen by the wayside and do something creative with it. Can’t wait to see all the final selections for this project.


To see who is representing your state and your state motto visit, 50 and 50 via








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